Русский кружок (Russkiy kruzhok), is the Russian conversation table, and is held weekly during the semester. Everyone is welcome, from those with no knowledge of Russian to native speakers.

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Russian club is an active organization uniting those who are interested in Russian and Slavic cultures and languages. You don’t need to know Russian to become a member. We have a very busy and interesting life over a year. Our annual activities range from Movie screenings and afternoon outdoor games (продлёнка), to Russian Cooking workshop and crafting. We are engaged in an array of service work on campus and beyond: reading fairy tales in Elementary schools, participating in Christmas around the World Children celebrations, and charity are just a few of our activities. Russian club actively participates in UpAll Nights engaging WVU students into fun activities related to Slavic cultures. The club also actively engaged in fund-raising activities: we are proud to be able to help orphanages in Russia and those in need in our home state, West Virginia.

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Russian club Tsar 2016-17
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Russian Khorod Spring Spectacular 2016 Matryoshka Coloring Pelmeni Clendinen Matryoshka Painting International Night